Mentor IRB Submission System

Mentor eIRB is IRB's electronic submission and review system. All human research projects, Humanitarian Use Devices (HUDs) and expanded access to investigational products, including single patient use must be submitted through Mentor.

Explore the topics to the right for more information about using Mentor.

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Contact IRB staff for assistance
  • Request a Mentor Account

    Before staff can be added to a study in Mentor, they must have an account.

    Click here to request an account and complete your Mentor user profile.

  • Mentor Login Instructions

    You will get an automated email from Mentor when your account is established providing instructions to set your password. 

    1. Go to the Ascension Wisconsin Mentor website.
    2. The Institution ID is Ascension. Click the box below that field so the Institution ID is filled in every time you visit the Mentor site.
    3. The User ID is your email address you entered when you set up your Mentor Account. For most associates and employed physicians this will be the Ascension email address.
    4. Enter the password that you chose when you logged in for the first time.
  • Resetting Your Password
    1. Go to the Mentor website.
    2. Choose the "Forgot Password" link just below the login fields. Note, your User ID is the password you used when setting up the account.
    3. Follow the instructions in the reset your password section above.
  • Designating a Research Coordinator in Mentor

    Research Coordinators are able to complete and submit to the IRB on behalf of the PI. However, the PI must designate a coordinator to have this ability. Only the names of designated Research Coordinators will be able to be seelcted on the PIs protocols.

    To designate a coordinator, a PI must:

    1. Log into Mentor and go to "Research Coordinators" on the left navigation bar.
    2. Choose "Designate a New Research Coordinator" and type the coordinator's last name. If the coordinator has a Mentor eIRB account, their name will appear.
      Choose the name and click "Designate". If they do not have an account, they need to request one first (see above).
    3. The Research Coordinator's name will show up as an option in the "Research coordinator" field on the PI's protocol summary

    You can also refer to the Mentor Researcher User Manual. If the PI is unable to do this, contact the IRB office.

  • Training and User Submission Guides
    The Mentor Researcher User Manual provides step-by-step instructions for using Mentor.

    Additional submission instructions for new studies and reports are available on the submission page.

    Mentor  training and assistance is offered to individuals on an ongoing basis. Contact the IRB office for assistance on a submission or to schedule a training time.
  • Mentor FAQs

    What is Mentor?
    Mentor is the online submission and document management system used by the Ascension Wisconsin IRB. All submissions to the IRB must be completed online using Mentor. Mentor is online, and is able to be accessed from any computer or device with internet access. Information and instructions are located on the IRB Submission Web page.

    Where can I get help with Mentor? 
    The Mentor Researcher User Manual provides step-by-step instructions for using Mentor. There is also information, instructions and guides for using the Mentor system on the IRB Submission page

    Mentor  training and assistance is offered to individuals on an ongoing basis. Contact the IRB office for assistance on a submission or to schedule a training time.

    Why can’t I select a coordinator when entering a new study? 
    The PI must designate a coordinator in order for the Research Coordinator field to appear on the PI’s protocol. Only Research Coordinators designated by the PI in Mentor are able to complete and submit to the IRB on behalf of the PI.

    For detailed instructions on how to delegate a study coordinator, see above.

    How do I replace a file with a revised version in Mentor? 
    When submitting a new version of a document already uploaded to Mentor, you should replace the file NOT upload a second one.

    To replace a file:

    • Navigate to the submission in Mentor.
    • Left click on the red page icon that is to the left of the file name link.
    • Choose the Replace option.
    • Click Choose file and select the revised file.
    • Click Replace.

    Why can't I create a Mentor account?

    If you have problems creating a new account or have a non-affiliated email address, complete this form instead.

    Note, you can only use the online submission process if you have an email address from Ascension Wisconsin or common research affiliates (like a affiliated physician group or local academic institution- email addresses like Gmail won't work).